Power marketing: can it transform your business?

The marketing landscape is shifting every day. Is your marketing staying on top of the cutting-edge strategies making the strongest impact now?

At Huntington Marketing, we work with the full range of this-minute marketing tools every day. We’re experts at leveraging both proven and new approaches to grow your enterprise.

Our wordsmiths, graphic designers, media pros and online wizards are experienced in defining a company’s unique story and delivering it to a target audience in highly compelling ways.

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Let’s explore all the ways to take your business to the next level.

Branding Who are you trying to reach? Do your image and messages speak to that audience loud and clear? We’ll look at your branding with fresh eyes – and craft new ways of bringing it into sharp, high-impact focus.

Marketing It takes skill and experience to orchestrate a multifaceted marketing strategy that engaging your target audience. We’ll start by defining who they are – then design an approach that brings your message home to them again and again.

Social Media There’s no more immediate, intimate way to educate, listen and respond to your audience than via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and webinars. We’ll unlock the power of these essential tools for you.

Mobile Mobile devices make it easy to connect with your targets wherever they are – but only if your website is cell phone optimized and you understand how to take advantage of mobile connections to market your business. We’ll show you how.

  • "You guys stay on top of our very complex media schedule."
  • "Always quality and creative work from your team."
  • "I'm constantly amazed at your social media content quality."
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We offer our clients the expertise of a talented, experienced staff of professionals – skilled publicists who have strong relationships with broadcast and print news editors, marketing experts well versed in messaging and branding, an imaginative graphic and web design team capable of swift project turn-around, and media placement specialists tuned into a changing populace. We have met the marketing needs of semi-governmental agencies, performing arts organizations, professional associations with governmental relations agendas, social service groups, and much more.


Many people experience your brand in numerous ways: services, staff, community businesses, medical personnel, donors, case workers, the board, the press, etc. Each of these contacts molds the impression of the brand. Some of these impressions are obvious like service results and one-on-one interactions. Other contacts such as communications with brochures, monthly newsletters or even thank-you letters may be subtler in their brand effects...
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