Find new ways to expand business and profits. Innovating in a tough climate is the sign of leadership.

The communications landscape has changed...drastically. What you knew and used to market yourself or your brand yesterday, even last hour, must be updated now.

So, it's obvious that if you are working with the same marketing plan you found effective even two years ago, it's an antique.

Social Networking is not a fad. We will develop a marketing plan for you using both traditional and very new communication strategies. That may include Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Webinars and any of the other appropriate vehicles for getting positive attention to your product or service.

This kind of marketing takes seasoned professionals in market strategies, knowledgeable media mavens, creative wordsmiths, and lots and lots of time and energy. That's what we offer you.

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  • "You guys stay on top of our very complex media schedule."
  • "Always quality and creative work from your team."
  • "I'm constantly amazed at your social media content quality."
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We offer our clients the expertise of a talented, experienced staff of professionals – skilled publicists who have strong relationships with broadcast and print news editors, marketing experts well versed in messaging and branding, an imaginative graphic and web design team capable of swift project turn-around, and media placement specialists tuned into a changing populace. We have met the marketing needs of semi-governmental agencies, performing arts organizations, professional associations with governmental relations agendas, social service groups, and much more.


Many people experience your brand in numerous ways: services, staff, community businesses, medical personnel, donors, case workers, the board, the press, etc. Each of these contacts molds the impression of the brand. Some of these impressions are obvious like service results and one-on-one interactions. Other contacts such as communications with brochures, monthly newsletters or even thank-you letters may be subtler in their brand effects...
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